tombyrne's work has been exhibited around the world, this page presents just some of his catalogues and exhibitions.

Moments Of Joyce

Saints & Scholars Expo Saints & Scholars Expo

The Tapastry

The Tapestry Catalogue The Tapestry Revealed

The Tapestry is HSE funded project for display in Pheonix Park Dublin as part of the 1916 Centenery Events. The Tapestry consists of paintings by TomByrne, Robert Ballagh and Jim Fitzpatrick brought together by a Dublin based group into The Tapestry.

The People The Land

The People The Land Catalogue Works from The People The Land

TomByrne's Summer 2016 collection commemorating the 1916 Rising, The People The Land was opened by the Great Grandson of James Connolly, author James Connelly Heron.

Saints and Scholars

Saints & Scholars Expo Saints & Scholars Expo

The Works Of James Joyce

James Joyce Expo


Des Artistes Catalogue

This exhibition called POP is a series of pop art paintings of a wide variety of celebrities taking in poets singers actors designers artists and examining my connection and morbid fascination with celebrity the show was publicly psychoanylised on the opening night by leading psychoanalyst Rick Loose and accompanied by classical music.

Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett Catalogue

This is a series of portraits of Samuel Beckett and other poets .With more representational images of the poets and city scapes which are a constant theme in my work.

Art talks sponsored by Coridoor & Arts business and the Contemporary Arts society Robert Deveroux and Richard Greer, two of the U.K leading collectors will be sharing their inspirations and experiences of collecting Contemporary Art, also two senior designers from Jaguar will be discussing the design of the new jaguar XJ, other talks topics include, collecting chinese art, contemporary art in the workplace and the future of public collections. Running a book store selling a wide range of art books, DVDs and prints.

The Family - Beijing Art Salon

The Family Catalogue

A series of paintings on reflections of my youth coupled with images of my children's youthful antics.

the Beijing Culture and Recreation District Salon 2008 took place in the China World trade Centre in the newly developed financial district in Central Beijing. The biannual event, sponsored by the Shijingshan district municipal government of Beijing, coincided with National day on october 1st and showcases original artwork, painting, sculpture and photography, ranging from the traditional to the avant garde, from both chinese and international galleries and artists.

Out of the many international galleries participating in the show ,the Apollo Gallery was the only Gallery representing Irish art and Irish Artists it was the largest collection of Irish Artwork to be exhibited in the Peoples Republic of China of which all TomByrne's work sold.

Over Nine Waves

Over Nines Waves Catalogue

This exhibition was loosely based on the celtic myth of having to travel over nine waves to conquer Ireland and then traveling to the Hill of Tara to meet the high kings this show was accompanied by a large video installation piece as the centre piece for the extremely large canvases.

The Tigers Tail Project

Tigers Tail Project Catalogue

A number of large scale abstracts commissioned by various patrons ,one being the great John Boorman who commissioned 8 for the film the tigers tale. Each painting based on the sea but pure abstraction ranging as big as 5 feet by 7 feet.

Bloomsday Exhibition - Chicago Arts

Chicago Arts Catalogue

The Bloomsday exhibition was centered around James and Maura Joyce which consisted of studies of them and also fantasmagorical image based on Ulysses.

Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast Catalogue

A series of paintings of key coastal areas around Ireland e.g. donegal, galway, kerry, cork, wexford, dublin etc. large scale abstracts and also smaller abstracts arranged so that when standing in the center of the gallery it presents the concept of standing in the center of Ireland.

The Sydney Art Fair 2009

Ha'penny Bridge Catalogue

Once an art fair was a concentrated event, but more and more it is a diffuse ancillary tag along glamour by association shopatons. There are spin off art fairs and design shows, museum openings, gallery exhibitions, private collection viewings. Book signings, product introductions fashion events and Sunday art parades all unfolding amid a good deal of social to-ing and fro-ing + being seen at parties, dinners, receptions + brunch's my work sold out at the show and it will be a place I will go back to.

The Cast of Friends

tombyrne's abstracts of the cast of friends.

Tom Byrne is, like many attached men, a passive viewer of the television series 'Friends'. As a result, Tom was moved to paint six paintings inspired by the faces of the cast. They are not intended as portraits but as abstract meditations on the cult of celebrity.

The Cast of Sex in the City

tombyrne's abstracts of the cast of Sex in the City.

Tom Byrne is, like many attached men, a passive viewer of 'Sex In The City' due to the fact that his girlfriend is addicted to the series. When the plot brought the show's heroine Carrie into a relationship with a European artist however, Tom became an active viewer and was inspired to paint four portraits representing each of the lead female characters in the series. For the record, Tom was annoyed that Carrie chose a business man over an artist in the final episode.

ANTI WAR By Tom Byrne

ANTI WAR By Tom Byrne

Recent events in the Middle East have inspired Tom Byrne to create an exhibition of works based around his opposition of all wars of any kind. The six paintings here take no political sides and point the finger in no one direction. Instead, Tom meditates on War and what it means to both the victor and the the victim. Hard hitting and provocative, these paintings also have a great beauty and Lyricism.